Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Give Aways at The Fabricologist

As you all know, I love fabric. I buy fabric from all over, all the local stores and online stores. So it's always fun to hear about a new place that sells what I hoard collect.

The really cool thing about writing this blog article is that I know Amy who owns The Fabricologist. I've been going to quilt retreat for maybe four years now and that's where I first met Amy. I'm very excited to see what she'll be selling and sharing on her blog. Amy doesn't know this, but early in the mornings, I walk around the sewing room while at retreat and I can leisurely look at everyone's projects. I'm also love sewing machines so I love to look at all the different machines. Well, back to my story, I always linger just a little bit longer at Amy's table because she is always doing something unique. Her quilts are spectacular, she has an excellent eye for color and pattern combinations, and she always comes really cool patterns, books or magazines. I highly recommend following Amy's blog because I'm sure she'll be showing some great projects in the future.

Now for the good part, look at all this sweet stuff that The Fabricologist is giving away.
 How Euro trendy is this pattern? If you do as much surfing as I do, you know the woodland creatures are very big. Hedgehogs are also big in the machine embroidery world.
 A sewing book with patterns is always a good thing. Kay Whitt's books are highly rated which makes this doubly good.
 Have you jumped on the handbag wagon yet? I've started to do my research but could use a good book to get me started.
 Everyone needs a snap setter if you do any kind of sewing, quilting or crafting. So easy to use.
 Fabric? Yes please.
I'm kind of lusting after that "Walk in the Woods" charm pack.

Ok, I showed you the goods. Now go out and enter for yourself! Use her blog link up above to enter. Hurry up because The Fabricologist will be drawing for winners this coming Monday. Make sure you check out the website, http://www.fabricologist.com/.