Friday, January 28, 2011

Kindle Cover Tutorial

4 pieces of peltex 8" x 5" (you can also use cardboard)
2 pieces of leather 8" x 11.5"
1 strip of leather 2" x 16.5"
masking tape

To begin, we are going to mark the center of the inside leather. We will be straight stitching here at the very end.
Take the piece of leather that you will using for the outside cover, place the 2 inch strip of leather at the center of your cover. I'm using masking tape instead of pins to keep my pieces somewhat in place.
We also don't want to put out leather tabs over to far. Notice that I'm using a "blade" foot. It's also called an edging foot. I use this foot a lot for garment sewing, rarely for quilting.I'm placing the end of the leather strip about 1/2 inch past the edge of the cover edge. This eventually will be placed inside a seam.
I set my tension to the "leather" setting. The stitch length is a 3 and I moved the needle to the left of center so I'm stitching about 1/8 inch from the edge. My edging foot help to keep my stitching straight.

Next up, I need to cut the pieces for the inside of my cover. I cut 2 squares 2 1/8 X 2 1/8". These squares are then cut on the diagonal. I originally was going to make the left pocket beige, then changed it to red.

 Use your masking tape to position your pieces on your inside cover.

Now stitch your pieces in place. Remember, we need to slip the Kindle into the holding tabs and we want to use the left sleeve to hold notes. We do not stitch all the way around these pieces.

Take your outside cover and determine where you are going to place your velcro. Stitch in place.
Now we are ready to stitch up three sides of our cover. With wrong sides together, match up all four edges of your outside cover and inside lining. Stitch both sides and the top using your edging foot. For the time being, we are leaving the bottom of the cover unstitched.

Now, time to switch presser feet. I'm placing my teflon foot on the machine. This is what you should use when you are working with leather. Remember when we marked our center of the inside lining. Now we are going to stitch down that marking and about a 1/4 inch or so on both sides of your first row of stitching.

I forgot to take a picture of the next step. Take two pieces of your peltex and slide it into one side of your cover. Take the other two pieces and slide it into the other side. Now stitch up the bottom of your cover.

We're almost finished. Shape the end of you long, narrow strip of leather. You can leave it rectangular or an oval edge like I used. Add your other piece of velcro to the inside of your strip.
Viola! We're done. The measurements that I've given are fairly accurate. I did have to trim the peltex down somewhat to fit inside the cover. I think you'll find that your cover will do a decent job of protecting your e-reader.

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