Friday, January 28, 2011

My Kindle Cover

A couple of weeks ago, Taylor and I decided to run to Best Buy and buy a Kindle. I noticed that you can purchase leather covers for your e-readers. There are a couple of tutorials and patterns out there for those wanting to make a cover out of fabric. A co-worker of mine gave me a trash bag full of leather maybe 6-8 months ago. I had a couple of plans for the leather but didn't dive into making anything. Well, now was the time to dive in. I pulled out the smallest pieces of leather that would work. I wouldn't maybe have chose this color but the leather is a gift and I wasn't about to waste it. Wouldn't you know that Cindy shot me an email early one morning, like two days after I cut my leather, asking if I wanted another bag of leather. I still don't want to waste this wonderful score but I know that I'll have enough for projects for the next few years.

I decided to deviate from the posted tutorials. Many of the patterns use elastic to hold your e-reader in. I felt the leather corners would be safer and add more protection to the corners. I took pictures all along the way so I could post a tutorial but I'm not going to post those. I decided to redo the tutorial when I make Taylor's. Mine is the prototype and I know that I can make it better so I'll post the tutorial once I get her cover going.

Remember when I said I didn't want to waste the leather? Because of that, I decided to line the cover with home dec fabric. You can tell by my pictures that that wasn't maybe the best idea. The fabric can stretch and the leather doesn't. I had the lining pressed and lined up almost perfectly but it didn't stitch out that way. The cover is actually kind of a messy job but for now, it will do the trick.

The total cost of my cover was $0.00. The leather was free. The lining fabric was free. I grabbed it off the free table at quilt camp. The peltex was free. I spent a huge amount of money down at Long Creek Mills last year on thread and stabilizers. The store is located in Gastonia, North Carolina. So I plunked down a lot of cash since it's not everyday I can shop at the store. I left there with stabilizer samples, free buttons, a large roll of peltex. I can't even remember what else I got free. You can see pictures of the store here.

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