Sunday, January 2, 2011

Fun Stuff at the Bunkhouse

I have two treasures that I've been meaning to show you. The first one, a vintage pajama pattern, I scored off of Ebay a couple of months ago. If this isn't the cutest little thing. Sure the clowns are cute but I bought this solely for the cowboy view. This will be great for either boy or girl pajamas. The copyright date is 1950. I can't wait to sew this up some day. Which reminds me, I need to purchase more Swedish tracing paper. When working with vintage patterns, it's best to trace them and use your copies instead of the original. I also need to quit stalling and order the sleeves to protect my patterns.

The second item that I want to show you is this sweet cowboy and cowgirl flannel. I don't have a clue what I'm going to make with it yet. My friend Barb B. gifted this to me. I had dropped her off at her house after quilt camp. Neither one of us noticed that her coat was still in the back of my truck. I told her that I could swing it by on my day off. I drove over to her house and knocked on the door. Her husband answered and said to wait a minute. He brought this fabric over to me. I was taken aback. What I did was an easy favor for Barb and here she gave this to me for the favor. I told her husband that the gift wasn't necessary, but boy did I clutch that fabric tightly as I walked back to my car.

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