Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Wild Kingdom Pillowcase

Does everyone know about Wild Kingdom? My dad watched that every week. Now, I'm kind of old. Way back then, we had one tv and four channels. Television was pretty boring and there was nothing worse than having my dad watch Wild Kingdom AND Lawrence Welk. I didn't give him any crap about it. He worked hard during the week. Anyway, this pillowcase takes us to the savannah. I have three different fabrics and prints.

I had some the silky leopard fabric in my sewing room. My niece Ashton is spending the summer with us. She came into my sewing room and commented that she wanted a pillowcase out of the fabric. Lucky for her, I bought plenty. I actually bought it to make a little pajama set for her little sister.

I can't say this was fun. It went together quick. But your probably shouldn't use stretchy, silky fabric for a pillowcase. If you're up for the challenge, just make sure you have plenty of pins to keep it stable.

The font I used is one of my favorites. It's Harrington from 8 Claws and a Paw.

The Mouse Dress

A year or two ago, one of the gals over at Sew Forum made this delightful little Minnie Mouse dress. I loved what she did and I totally copied it! My girls are all grown and I can't say that I'm around little ones too much so I copied her dress since I have no idea what Minnie wears anymore. I used my favorite pattern, Claire, from Portobellapixie.  The red and white polka dot fabric came from Joann's and the white and black fabric are Kona cotton. I hope Kayla love this dress as much as I do. I'll be going to visit her soon, so I'm hoping she'll model this for me.       

Late for the Owl Party

 Of course I'm late. My family and friends can vouch that I'm late for everything. The owl party is no different. Let's see, owl's were in the last two to three years. I'm finally getting around to doing an outfit. The fabric for the skirt came from Hobby Lobby. I picked up the skirt pattern from Jacqi's hop (Keep Me In Stitches) here in Appleton. The pattern is Addie Jo from Izzy & Ivy. It's a fairly quick skirt to put together. The bow goes is worn in the back. The little pink top I picked up at a thrift store. Brand new, still had the original sales tag on it. Sometimes I get lucky.  The little sleepy owl design come from Applique Cafe.

Now, what other party am I late for?

Pillowcase of the Month Club Continues

These pillowcases have been done for a while. I just need to get back into the habit of writing a blog article. These are the May and July pillowcases. No, I haven't started the June pillowcase yet even though June is just about finished.

The May pillowcase fabric came from Hancock's. The font is Summer Time from 8 Claws and a Paw.

The fabric for the 4th of July pillowcase is from the M'Liss Celebrate USA collection. Kayla name was made with two different fonts. The large letter K is from Embroidery Library and her name is made with the Santa's Sleigh font from Jolson's Designs.