Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Late for the Owl Party

 Of course I'm late. My family and friends can vouch that I'm late for everything. The owl party is no different. Let's see, owl's were in the last two to three years. I'm finally getting around to doing an outfit. The fabric for the skirt came from Hobby Lobby. I picked up the skirt pattern from Jacqi's hop (Keep Me In Stitches) here in Appleton. The pattern is Addie Jo from Izzy & Ivy. It's a fairly quick skirt to put together. The bow goes is worn in the back. The little pink top I picked up at a thrift store. Brand new, still had the original sales tag on it. Sometimes I get lucky.  The little sleepy owl design come from Applique Cafe.

Now, what other party am I late for?


  1. I totally thought this was a new trend! So you're at least ahead of me. I'll try to keep a keener eye out for you.

  2. Yes, please let me know what's trending down south. The southerners love to dress their children.