Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Present for Julia

A dear, sweet co-worker of mine gave her notice and today was her last day at work. Instead of giving her a going away present, I made something for her baby. Julia is turning one. The outfits are RTW from Wal-Mart. I went with a size 24months so hopefully, they'll fit the baby by summer.

The poodle design is from Lynnie Pinnie and the Ooh La La font is the Frenchie font 8CAP. The poodle was made with a fur fabric. I think the fabric is called Santa's beard. I could be wrong about that but I purchased it at Joann's. The little tutu design is from Planet Applique and the font for that is Back To Basics, also from 8CAP. Sarah made her first tutu for the baby so I thought the tutu design would be fun.

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