Saturday, February 19, 2011

Meet Molly

This is Molly. You may have remembered her from this post. I finished her last week at when I was at my friend Pat's house. I came home and looked at her and decided she looked like a Molly. I also decided that she definitely needed to have an outfit of some sort.

There always seems to be some dumb story or a major mistake with my projects. No different with Molly. You see, my sock monkey had to be a girl. When you make a sock monkey, there is an opening in the, um, crotch area for you to stuff your monkey with fiberfil. As I was constructing Molly, the knit in the sock ran like a nylon stocking. Yep, there was a run running right up her front . I had to stitch the run closed and that resulted in Molly having girly parts.
I have given the link to several people on how to make a little girl's tutu. Funny, I had yet to make one myself. Well, now was my time. You can find the instructions at Plum Tickled. The tutu went together quick which is always a good thing.

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  1. She is sooooo cute. I love her tutu.