Saturday, February 19, 2011

Nautical Chic

What are some favorite things from your childhood? Do you still have them? I can't think of anything that I still have in my possession. Two of the things I would give maybe an arm for would be my Barbie's, especially my Midge doll. I tried everything to get the flip in her hair to straighten out but it never did. The other item is my sailor dress. I've thought of that dress often. About a year ago, my mom gave me a couple of shoe boxes with items from my childhood. In one of the boxes, she put this picture in it. I don't know why I was the chosen one to receive it but I can't tell you how elated I was to have a picture of my dress. Also, I love this picture of my siblings and I.

This picture was taken in 1967. We are missing my youngest sister Jodi. She came along a few years later. I will have to ask my sister's if they remember anything about the dresses that they are wearing. I'm thinking that those might have come from Grandma Kennedy also.

Why does this dress mean so much to me? Well for starters, it was one of the few pieces of clothing that I had. I wore this to church every Sunday, really. I went to Catholic school and we wore uniforms so we didn't have a need for a large wardrobe. Also, most kids didn't have the clothing that kids have now. The second reason is that this was sent to me from my Grandma Kennedy. She was the nice Grandma. My other Grandma didn't like children. At all. We saw her once every two years and she wanted nothing to do with us. I can't understand why some mothers and Grandmothers are absent of maternal genes. So you can see why this dress was special.

Long before my mom gave me the family picture, I was collecting sailor dresses. I loved my sailor dress. I love the simplicity of sailor outfits and the sweetness that they portray. The copyright dates in my collection range from 1887 on up to 1995. Unfortunately, some of my patterns are not in very good shape. Hopefully, I'll be able to find nicer replacements in the future but for right now, I'm thrilled with what I have. Here are a few patterns from my collection.
 Advance 6807 circa 1950's
 Simplicity 2402 Copyright 1957
 Butterick 2760 Copyright 1963
 McCalls 4384 Copyright 1957
 Butterick 4703 Copyright 1923
Simplicity 3183 Copyright 1950
Alright, I've shared with you a special dress from my childhood. Now, what about you? Is there an outfit from your childhood that you have wonderful memories about?


  1. LOL i'm dying laughing you said she was the nice grandma ;)

    As for my special dress.. i am sure you have a picture of the outfit i used to wear every day with the whole one pc shirt, skirt and lace shorts attached :)

  2. Yes, I'm thinking it was a back to school outfit. Am I thinking of the right one?

  3. yes!kind of embarrassing since i didn't go to private school ... i remember wearing that outfit once or twice a week LOL

  4. I knew exactly the grandma she was talking about:) And why did we stop taking family pictures once I was born:)