Sunday, June 21, 2009

Italian Fabric Stores

Talk about textile heaven. Italians love sumptuous fabrics. Silks like you wouldn't believe. I had a goal of shopping in one fabric store. I had seen a couple of stores in Venice but they were closed. Rome was going to be the place for fabric. I had done some pre-trip internet searching. Armed with the location of the textile area (Latin Quarters), we set off for the textile store (Bassetti Tessuti) across town. I was just in awe. Fabric stacked up to the ceiling. I didn't want to take a lot of time because Kim doesn't sew and we needed to hoof it to the Vatican that day. I came home with some bath towels and towel fabric. I wish I could have come home with much more but time and money were lacking. The silks were gorgeous but everything I looked at was about $150 euro/meter or about $200 a meter. Yikes! There was a small corner of bridal laces. Once again, I couldn't find anything less than $150 eu/meter. There were a couple of bridal parties looking at fabrics for dresses. The employees were very patient and helpful. I wish I could have found some fabrics and laces for heirloom sewing but that didn't happen. I am just grateful I had an opportunity to visit such a wonderful store.

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