Thursday, October 8, 2009

Move-In Day

This was the day that both Jeff and I had been dreading. The youngest birdie was ready to leave the nest. But Jeff and I weren't quite ready for it. Certainly it was a time that Jeff and I had talked about. Freedom for us both. No more soccer in 40 degree weather, no more quick runs to the grocery store for items needed for school the next day, no digging thru the laundry looking for a missing uniform, you get the picture. However it's bittersweet. Our freedom comes at the expense of being alone. Not having a child around or the friends filling the house. But this is a time to celebrate. We were able to keep all three girls on the straight and narrow. All three doing well with Lauren and Whitney gainfully employed with places of their own. The feelings of sorrow were deeper with Taylor. No, she's not the favorite. She is the last one. As the other two left the nest, I knew that we had another child at home that would keep us busy. As we said goodbye and walked away from her, I felt like I was delivering her to a prison. I had such sadness. But things are going well for Taylor. She is feeling more comfortable with Whitewater each day. Doesn't her room vaguely remind you of a prison cell?

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  1. I could always move back in with you guys if it would make you feel better :)