Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Little Blog Maintenance

 I've decided to do a little blog remodeling. I made the decision to remove some blogs on my blog roll that haven't been updated for quite a while. I've also made the decision to remove most of my friends and family. Yikes! Run for cover! This blog has always been about sewing, sometimes cooking and crafting. The primary focus has been to hopefully educate and inspire people who would like to learn more needlework. The blogs haven't been removed because I no longer love my friends and family. It's that their blogs are either neglected or do not pertain to sewing. I'm not saying the decision is permanent but I'm trying it for right now. Only two blogs made the cut. My friends Pat and Laurie are both award winning Fiber Artists. They are still listed on the right hand side under Friends and Family.  My readers hopefully will be inspired by visiting their blogs.

The other reason that I did the remodel is that I will be blogging over at AppliqueToday.com. I am one of several moderators over at Applique Forum. Applique Today is under the AF brands. As part of my job as a moderator, I will be writing an article for the blog at least a couple of times a month. Our goal at Applique Forum is to educate and inspire our members in the world of machine applique. I would think most of my articles will be also posted here. I will also be pulling past articles from Sew Lost For You and sharing them with Applique Today. My blog encompasses many aspects of sewing and machine work whether that be quilting, machine embroidery or working with leather. As the name implies, Applique Today will be discussing all things machine applique related. If you have an embroidery machine, I hope you head on over Applique Today. There will be about ten or so mentors contributing to the blog. Applique Today (formerly An Applique A Day) has been revamped since we now have several people to help write the articles.

I hope to see you at both sites! As always, thanks for visiting me here at Sew Lost For You!


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