Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Are ya tired of vintage?

While on our trip in Minnesota, Jeff and I stopped at a couple of antique shops in Duluth. I found a booth that had some wonderful vintage patterns at a great price. There were a couple of ladies patterns from the 50's but reluctantly decided to pass on them. I did score this wonderful Cinderella apron pattern. That was a little pricey but it was 50% off. I paid $9 for it. But I think it was worth it. The little sailor dress in the picture isn't that old, maybe 1970 or later but I have this thing about sailor dresses. They just say "cute, cute, cute" to me. Sailor outfits make little children look like children. Look out girls, your sons will be getting a little sailor suit from their grandma! I think my favorite, besides the Cinderella pattern is the McCalls dress pattern. The pattern number is 1671 and it's a size 12, copyright 1951. It has a shear overlay on the dress. Very cool.

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