Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I've been MIA

I haven't done much sewing for the past month. Sometimes I get a case of sewing burnout after the Christmas season. There's been lots of reasons why I haven't blogged.

My health. I'm slowly getting back to my former self. I haven't been sleeping well for over a year. In December I had to undergo a sleep study. I thought I had RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome) but when I would research the symptoms, mine didn't quite match. Well, the study showed that I did indeed have RLS. In addition, the probable cause is extremely low ferritin levels. Normal can range up to 200, I'm sitting at 8 right now. Ferritin is used to store iron in the cells. This test isn't one that is given very often. I've had my iron test done a twice in the last couple of years because I didn't feel quite right but the iron test always came back normal. Once RLS was diagnosed, the Physician's Assistant decided to run a ferritin test. So right now, I'm on a drug used for Parkinson's patients. I'm hoping that as my ferritin level returns to normal, I can discontinue this drug. Iron is needed to produce dopamine and I don't have enough of that either! That is why there is so much muscle activity during the night. The study showed that I had over 350 measurable muscle movements, other than normal movement in the night. So hopefully, the increased iron storage will be my saving grace.

Research, research, research. What haven't I researched in the last two months? Here's what I'm working on:

Refinancing our mortgage. Ended up switching companies.
Life insurance. Ended up switching companies.
hardwood flooring. Still working on this one. Have two bids. Can I possibly get this lower than 13K?
Whit's Wedding. Need I say more. Luckily, she is doing most of the work. I'm still on the computer though searching ideas. She's changed the wedding colors three times now. I think I'll hold off until the bridesmaid gowns have been ordered. Then I'll start thinking about things again.
The bridal gown. How many hours have I racked up looking up gowns on the internet? I've purchased two books on bridal couture. I keep researching the making of a gown. So far, I've purchased the lace, purchased several patterns and have the silk peau de soie on order. I still need to purchase silk organza for the interlining and silk for the bodice lining. I got so lucky. There is a online fabric store that was closing shop due to retirement. I have purchase everything at 75% off. The bridal silk satin sells for $70/yard. I purchased it for $17.50/yard. The swatch was gorgeous. I can't wait to get the fabric. Should be any day now. I've gotten a few pieces of alencon lace also from Buttons-n-Bolts. $150 yard down to $43 maybe. Clearly, the bridal gown would have cost over $3000 if materials were purchased at full cost. Right now, I've spent under $800 but I will have some lace for at least two other bodices. I also purchased 5 yards of silk dupoini and some of that will be used for the flower girl dress.
The dress form. Who would have thought so much research would be needed for a dress form. The dress forms can range form $150-$800. The professional forms fit one standard size. I really didn't want to spend $500 for one size. I really wanted to have the flexibility to use this for the other girls. I ended up ordering the Dritz My Double Deluxe. Hopefully, I'll be able to pick this up in three weeks time. Considerable research has been done about making the dress form match the body. So, what I'm doing is to have the dress form a small size than Whit, then using quilt batting to pad to where I need it. This hopefully will get us a more accurate shape.
The dress form cover. I'm sure that by now you are wondering about my mental state and my obsessive tendencies. Yes even internet hours on the cover. I do so much research because I'm not an expert and I need help to make things correctly. I finally decided on purchasing a pattern and making my own dress form cover. The cover is actually a Butterick fitting pattern. So I need to purchase the muslin and get this made before the dress form comes in.


  1. I think I will point people to this post when they ask me why I have to research everything the way I do.

    Also, I warned everyone that I would change my mind a few times on the colors. However, since you are not on facebook I see why you didn't know that.

  2. So you are saying this is genetic?