Thursday, July 29, 2010

Pourquoi est si elle le signifie pour moi?

What did I do to deserve this type of treatment? It's not fair. She's so mean to me. You all know that I've been cooped up in this place for weeks on end now. No fun whatsoever. This family is boring with a capitol B. Just when I thought I couldn't take it anymore, along comes an opportunity to, um mingle. Yes, that's the right word, mingle.

The designer and her spouse hired some American men to work on their house. Oh my! Finally some glimmer of hope for conversation and fun. I told her that I wanted to be part of the action. She wouldn't hear of it. She said I would cause too much trouble and distraction. The American men are here to work and get the house ready for the big event.

What does she do? She makes me wear this hideous dress. Mon Dieu! It's like yellow and old. It doesn't even fit correctly. Who wore this? I thought all American women had Amazon bodies, not slim like the French. I voiced my dislike. This dress is not soooo not me. She told me that it is a "vintage" piece and that her sister bought it for her. I see her taste in fashion is genetic.

As if that wasn't bad enough, she put me in the corner. Well, no one puts Gigi in the corner. (Haha, that movie made it to Paris. That line works for me.)

Fella's, oh fella's. Over here.

À bientôt


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