Thursday, July 29, 2010

Two Outfits for Sweet Princesses

I've mentioned before about Jacqi's new quilt store. While on quilt retreat in March, I made up three pairs of little girl pants. The pattern is Britches and Bloomers. I let Jacqi display the pants until the end of June. The pattern only goes up to size four. I decided to make the size four and give them to some friends at work.

These two pair of pants are for a co-worker in the IT department. She has two little peanuts. The girls are about a year apart but they are the same size. I asked Cathy to let me know what they like and I would put that on their shirts. Emily liked crowns and Sadie liked ice cream cones. Cathy gave me a list for both girls and these were the designs that I chose to match the pants.

I love how the ice cream cone turned out. Usually, when purchasing an embroidery design, the design will come in more than one size. I toyed with making the crown the next larger size. I really should have done that. I had used the design earlier on Lucy's onsie. The design looked more balanced on the small onsie. I was afraid of the design overpowering the little t-shirt, but the larger size ice cream design looks better on the t-shirt. Could of, should of, would of. Another lesson learned - quit being afraid. It will look cuter than a plain white t-shirt.

The ice cream design is from and the crown is from

Now I have one more pair of pants left and another coworker who has a size four child.

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  1. You are such a nice person and those are so cute!!! You're a better grandma than me, that's for sure.