Friday, August 6, 2010

More of the Same

You are all probably beginning to wonder if I'm really going anywhere. Is the bridal gown all talk? Believe me, sometimes it feels like I'm a little gerbil spinning around on that wire wheel. Tuesday was a productive day. I started out with beading and cutting out the pattern. AGAIN. This time, it was the lining that needed to be cut out. Can I please be finished with the cutting? Stay with me, the bodice was cut out a total of eight times, four practice, four layers on the real deal. The skirt was cut out four times. Once for practice and three layers on the real deal.

I found out that a fabric store in Green Bay was closing down. I know that in the past, this store had carried silk, lace and heirloom supplies. I bee-lined it up to Green Bay the following day. The owner had a silk-cotton blend which was exactly what I was looking for for the lining of the bridal gown. However, she didn't have enough. She had about six yards of the white. She also had a whole bolt of ivory. The ivory was a slightly different percentage of silk/cotton. The white was just a "white". The bridal gown is more of a diamond/silver white due to the high thread count. The white lining is not as bright. I decided to buy one yard of the white for the bodice lining.

I don't know if this was a huge blunder but I purchase the ivory fabric. I bought the whole bolt. You see, the ivory was one shade off of the white bolt. It actually didn't look too bad. When you see the pile of fabric, yes it does look ivory. I hemmed and hawed for over thirty minutes about the purchase. I've spent so much time researching each and every purchase. 99% of the supplies, fabrics and laces being purchased online. I really want to avoid yet another purchase with a week wait for shipping. I decide to go with it. I suppose I could always rebuy the fabric online. I will have to see how the skirt lining looks once it is basted onto the skirt. The pictures that are posted, the lining isn't too far off. I suppose there's a reason that I'm not a designer in real life.

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