Friday, August 6, 2010

The Innards

On this day, besides cutting out the lining, I stitched together the cotton batiste layer and all the lining pieces. I then added the boning to the cotton batiste. In addition to boning, a waist stay is stitched on. The waist stay had to be tacked down in 52 spots. This will help to support the weight of the skirt. This is extremely important in strapless gowns. Really, how many times have you seen brides continually pull up the bodice of a strapless gown? This tells me that the fit isn't quite perfect and it needed additional support via boning and a waist stay.

The batiste layer is layer number three. I will need to make buttonholes in the lining for the waist stay to exit from. The stay will have hooks and eyes so we can attach around Whitney's waist.

It's taken months to of work to get to today's stage. Certainly, there have been several speedbumps to cause daily, weekly and monthly delays in working on the ground. However, building a bridal gown is so similar to building a building. The architect comes up with the design. Doesn't it take a couple of years for that design to be a real live building? You don't see all the changes in the design. When you tour the building, you don't see the time that went into the plumbing, electrical, heating, foundation, etc. All you see, is the architectual details, you see the landscaping, you see the interior design with the furniture and the artwork. You see the paint colors on the wall. You see all the flooring.

There is so much actual hand work that has gone into the gown. So much book and internet research on the design and construction techniques to support the gown. I'm finally getting closer for this project to turn into a real live bridal gown. Each layer has had the seam allowance stitched down with a catch stitch. I don't want to run the risk of the seam allowance going all wonky and being able to see that from the right side of the gown. So it's stitched into place, it won't move on me.

The skirt is now basted onto the bodice. Whitney has been busy working on the invitations, that she hasn't had time to try the gown on. I'm hoping we can take care of that tonight or tomorrow. Once the fit is double checked, the skirt will be permanently attached to the bodice. The bodice lace is being hand beaded right now. It will then be attached to the midriff band. Nothing else can happen until that is attached. Then comes more scary stuff. The cutting out the back and turning it into a corseted back. It really is an easy closing to make, a little time consuming though.

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  1. Looks like I haven't been by to see where you are at with your gown. Sounds like things are going smooth and steady, hoping that has continued. You are a brave woman!