Tuesday, August 24, 2010

It's Jungle Time In the Atelier

In June, I had Bridal Week. August brings me Baby Weekend. This past weekend, I needed to sew for three babies. All Boys! Two of the moms had chosen the same layette from Target. My job was to find something that would work with the layette theme.

I luckily had this flannel jungle print in my stash. I had previously worked on some baby gifts that used this fabric. Good thing I bought several yards. I didn't see any in Hancock's or Joann's this past weekend. The burp designs came from ATW or Artistic Thread Works. The applique elephant came from Planet Applique. I was unsure about using the print for the elephant but wanted a cohesive look to the gifts. All I know is that I really like that little elephant. It called for one fabric scrap and stitch out was quick. I've used the "baby" applique before but right now I can't remember which site I got it from.

So two sets finished and sent off. Now for set three. No, it won't be a jungle theme. I don't know the theme of the next baby. So it's seamstresses choice. You'll have to wait on that one. Guaranteed cuteness though.

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