Friday, September 10, 2010

Move-in Day 2010

It's the end of summer and that brings us back to college life. Taylor transferred from Whitewater to Madison. So far, she's really liking her classes and her life in Madison. Let's hope it stays that way! Here are just a few pictures from move-in day. She decided to stay in a dorm instead of an apartment. She felt as a transfer student, she would meet more people that way. Madison has a dorm specifically for transfer students. It's one of the old, traditional stone buildings. How retro is that? That part of campus makes me think of movies and books that I read so long ago about college life. It's so traditional.

She is in a single room so she has a tad more space and certainly more privacy. Unfortunately, her room does not overlook the lake. But how cool is that to walk the lake trail every day.

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