Friday, September 24, 2010

Update: The Modesty Panel Is In

Well this had to be the quickest part of the entire dress. I tacked the panel down to the waist. I may decide to take the stitching lower but I'll wait until Whitney has tried it on. I almost started crying once I got it the back laced up. This has been a long project and I'm almost home. Only the bustle now. Yippee!

The lacing looks a little bit off but I didn't want to pull on the lacing too much but it should look fine on the bride. The waist is sitting a tad low on the dress form.


  1. You deserve a good cry, it looks lovely. I look forward to seeing pictures of the "bride".

    Good job, Mom!

  2. This is awesome! I found your blog researching the lace up back which I must say totally saved my daughter’s ball gown !! Thank you thank U thank you!!