Friday, September 10, 2010

Whitney's Garter

When I started to pull out the supplies for Whitney's garter, I was remembering my mistakes on making Megan's garter. Too much length, too much fluff. I wasn't going to go there again. I was going to make the same design but just downsize it.

The schiffli lace was purchased off of Ebay several months ago. Sadly, you can't find anything like this around here unless it's nylon and I refuse to buy that. The lace is maybe six inches wide. I decide to cut off one inch of the netting then I gather up the lace to make a flounce. The second part of the garter is to make something interesting in the middle. Like Megan's, I took a piece of lace and gathered it into a posey shape. And like Megan's it was totally wrong. Even with the downsizing, it still was too over the top. So like Megan's, I had to dismantle what I did and made the garter simpler.

I had some left over trim from the gown and cut a little motiff out. I purchased two Claddagh charms, one for Megan and one for Whitney. I then went to Blue Nile and purchased two charm bracelets. The charms were stitched down with colored thread so it could be easily removed and added to the charm bracelets.

I need to figure out a design before the next round of brides come my way.

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