Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Buzz Lightyear Birthday

A few months ago I did a birthday shirt for a little gal turning one. She is the daughter of one of my daugther's friends. Unfortunately, I did that shirt the day I was leaving for New York. I forgot to take a picture of it. Well, Lindsay (mom) asked if I could now do a shirt for her son who was turning three. Lindsay did most of the work. She ordered the fabric and t-shirt and had it delivered to my house.
Sean is a big Buzz Lightyear fan. Lindsay found the fabric at Too bad she had to buy two yards of the fabric. I didn't want pretty much two yards of fabric to go to waste. The applique uses maybe seven inches of fabric. So I decided to make him a pillowcase.
 The applique three is the Yonder font from Planet Applique. For Sean's name I used a new font called Tangerine by Trendy Stitches. Finally, the font used on the pillowcase is Pharmacy from Jolson's.

 This pillowcase took forever to do. The name had over 25000 stitches in it. I knew that it would be a large job but I really wanted his name to be as large as possible. I really hope little Sean likes the pillowcase. Buzz is pretty small on the applique but hopefully he has fun falling asleep on this.

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  1. Buzz is so cute, I'm sure he will be thrilled with both!