Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Valentine Outfit

I've had these Valentine's Day fabric for a couple of years now. I think I got them at 75% off one day at Hancocks. Today I decided if I wanted to make my niece an outfit for Valentine's Day, I needed to hop to it. The skirt pattern is a free tutorial on www.danamadeit.com. It's called the Market Skirt. I wanted to put the pockets on but I was running out of time. I wanted to get this in the mail today.  The above picture makes the skirt look a little bit hillybilly-ish. It really wasn't . I had to pin it to the shirt and it wasn't even. Certainly the pockets would have upped the cute factor. The waistband is a bright cherry knit. It looked nice against the print.
 The applique on the t-shirt is the Vintage Luxe Heart design from Hang To Dry Applique. I love designs that use up small scraps.

I hope you can see the print, it says "Be My Valentine".

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