Tuesday, January 31, 2012

More Shirts for My Mom

Here are a few more shirts that I made and brought down to Kansas City for my mom. After my sister asked if I could make some things for mom, I went shopping. I really didn't find too much to embroider one. One day, Taylor wanted to go thrifting. I picked up this nice t-shirt for $1.75. Looked brand new to me.
The fabric used for this applique is Sugar and Spice from Riley Blake. Love that fabric! The love bird applique is from Stitcheroos.
Too bad I had bad lighting for this picture. The applique looked so cute with the red and pink fabrics.  The tweeting bird is from Hang to Dry Applique.
 I live near a Jansport factory. Every couple of months or so, I go and see if I can score some $1 shirts. I get lucky every now and then. Usually the shirts are nice quality and no flaws that I can see. This shirt had a mark on the front. I thought for a buck, I'll take it home and wash it and see if it come out. Well, it didn't come out. Now to think about what to do about that.
 You're probably wondering how many times I'm going to use this frayed flower design. I guess I keep thinking of things to put it on. I have one more dress in mind for Kayla. Notice, no more spot!
The fabrics once again are from Riley Blake. The aqua and red are happy colors to me. I think my mom needs a little bit of vibrancy out in the Alzheimer's home.The design is from Hang to Dry Applique.

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