Monday, January 2, 2012

They Love Me. They Really Love Me!

I hope that everyone had a joyous Christmas and a fantastic New Years. Things were quiet here in the frozen tundra for the holidays. Not a bad thing sometimes.
I had a great Christmas. I received some great sewing gifts. Nothing says love than a sewing related gift! My husband commissioned his friend Paul to make this child's garment stand for me. I either had to lay my garments on the floor and photograph them or I put them on a hanger and hung it on a kitchen cabinet knob. Not good. So I've been wanting this for maybe two years. So a few months ago he emailed Paul to see if he would be able to make my garment stand. I wanted something that I could hang toddler/infant and girls clothing on. I needed something simple but Paul went all out and used cherry and black walnut wood. I think it does the trick. You'll be seeing my garment stand in action as time goes by. You know my sewing room is a disaster when I take projects into the dining room.

Whitney and Joshua sent me some heirloom cotton hanks. Last year, Whitney was introduced to Luc from Fine French Laces. Luc is from the Netherlands. He does a few shows in the United States each year. I used to visit his booth in Chicago but that show is no longer there. Last year, Whitney, Jeff and I went to the Houston Quilt show and Luc was numero uno on my list to shop at. Whitney went back to Houston this year and purchased more lace for Luc. I haven't done any heirloom sewing for maybe five years. But, I have been replenishing my stash so I'll have plenty of fine French laces when I need to do another christening gown.
Lauren crossed several items off my sewing list. I wanted a more functional storage container. One that I could also bring to quilt camp. The rolling container that I have has slightly larger drawers so I wanted something a little bit smaller to hopefully organize more efficiently.
My next gift from Lauren was something that I've also been wanting for some time. I had a large gift card for both Hancock Fabrics and Jo-Ann fabrics but Hancock's won't allow use to use coupons on it and Jo-Ann's always has theirs at 10-15% off an inflated price. One day Lauren was badgering me to send her some ideas for Christmas and I went on Amazon to show her what I wanted and my bias tape maker was marked down temporarily and about $22 cheaper than normal AND about $50 cheaper than Jo-Ann's. I haven't used it yet, but trust me, it will get a work out.

Finally, a favorite magazine. I missed the September issue this year. I've been wanting a subscription and missing that issue made me put that on my list. A sewist can take a lot of inspiration from all the designer clothing and accessories from Vogue. I can't wait until it comes right to my door. Thanks Lauren!
Now, I need to get to work and put my new toys into use.

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