Monday, December 26, 2011

McCalls Quilt

 You really can't call this quilting. Binding maybe because that's all I had to do. Sometimes, I deserve a project like that. Lauren and I had seen this line of fabric at Hancock Fabrics. I had used some for a couple of craft projects. She asked if I could make her a quilt. Um, sure, I'll get right on that. I do have fabric but that quilt isn't at the top of the list yet. Lucky for her, I spied this pre-quilted fabric this summer. It was marked down and I grabbed some. The bad thing about the prequilted fabrics is that you are limited in size. So I bought enough to make a large crib size quilt. Too small for her bed but she loves it just the same.

Notice how the pattern sketches match the dress that would have been on the front of the pattern envelope. This would be a McCalls 3679. I loved this line of fabric. I really wish they would do something similar again.

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  1. Oh, too cute! And simple, and quick! What could be better?