Monday, December 26, 2011

Winter Flannel Pillowcase

 I wanted to make sure each child had something homemade. This was one of Lauren's presents. Unfortunately, I only had enough fabric for one pillowcase. I collect certain fabrics. I think most have you have seen my collection of cowboy fabrics. I also have a small collection of figure skating fabrics. Two of the girls were figure skaters so that sport is close to my heart. I must have gotten the last on the bolt because what I had was an odd amount. I of course was saving it for a quilt but who know when that would have been completed and the amount of fabric wasn't enough for a quilt I don't think. I do have enough for a few squares still, so that's good. The fabric is called "Snow Valley" and it's from Alexander Henry. It's a beautiful, luxurious flannel. I tried to find more on Ebay but it was a no-go.

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  1. Hi - I'm from the UK and just found your blog when searching on Alexander Henry Snow Valley fabric. I'm about to list just under 5 metres long (103cms wide x 4.88metres)and am very happy to post to the US. If you're still looking for some, I'd be happy to take a reasonable offer, as I'd prefer it to go to someone who really wants it. You can contact me on - if I don't hear by the end of this week, then that's okay and I'll go ahead and list it, assuming you're not looking for any. Best wishes and love the blog! Wendy