Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Sugar and Spice Ensemble

It's funny how an idea develops. I saw a piece of this fabric at a quilt shop near Madison. There was about a yard and a half left of it and no other companion pieces left in the store. I had to then go on a mission to find more of this line. The line is called Sugar and Spice from Riley Blake. I ended up buying a few yards off of Etsy and a few yards from Whimsical Designs.

My goal for the outfit was to have a skirt that had kind of a Christmas feel to it. You can see this isn't Christmas fabric but with the red and aqua colors it could lend itself that way. I purchased two aqua shirts from Old Navy but ended up only using one. I wanted to get away from always using a white shirt but the design just didn't pop on the aqua. So back to white it was. You really can't tell that the design on the aqua shirt it Christmas candy. Well I guess that will make it easier for my niece to wear it longer than the Christmas season.

Now for the important parts. The mint applique is from Planet Applique. The "K" is the Jack and Jill font from Planet Applique. The font for Kayla is called Sammy from 8CAAP and finally the raggy flower is from Hang to Dry. I really like how the white shirt pops those colors out.

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