Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Reverse Applique

This shirt is for my coworker Cindy. She did a very nice thing and thought of me when someone handed her a boatload of leather. She thought of me first and asked if I wanted it. Who could say no to that! I've only made a couple of things so far, two Kindle covers. I also used leather for one or two football appliques. I'm hoping that the leather will be put to good use in 2012. I have some ideas fermenting.
Back to the shirt, the soccer applique is from Starbird Stock Designs. It's called a reverse applique because you put the applique fabric on the bottom and cut away the top part of the shirt. "Normal" applique involves putting the fabric on top of your shirt. This was the first time that I tried the reverse applique method. The font is Jester from 8CAAP.

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