Sunday, July 26, 2009

Italian Interior Design

In Sicily, we got a small taste of interior design Italian style. Kim's family all lived in these beautiful marble mansions. I've never seen so much marble, especially in a home. One family member, Bina, had marble trim all through her house in addition to the marble floors and staircase. It was truly unbelievable. Everywhere we went on the island, you could see marble in buildings, shops, etc. I wanted to get some pictures of Bina's house but didn't want to take pictures without asking and I didn't ask because I felt she would have thought I was a dope for wanting pictures of her staircase.

One particular day, Kim's cousin Graciela took us to her son's new condo. It was newly refinished. Graciela's brother is an architec and he designed the condo for Salvo and his new bride. The painting on the living room wall was even painted by him. It was certainly an unexpected opportunity to view close up Italian architecture and Design. The pictures don't do the condo justice. Notice all the beautiful Italian leather furniture.

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