Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My Lucky Week

Last week as I was pumping gas in the bitter cold, for some reason, a visit to the thrift store popped into my mind. I was about a half a block away for a store. My rationale was that since it is the end of the year, I was hoping that people had cleaned out their closets (um, sewing rooms) so they could get a tax benefit. I'm always in the market for vintage sewing patterns. The last two visits have not produced any children's patterns. I think someone stalks the thrift stores then sells them on Ebay. Nasty people. After feeling despondent over the lack of patterns I was getting ready to leave, I then spied this cute little poodle flannel. Good score. $1.80 for two yards of this cute little print in great condition. I then moved onward to St. Vinnie's. Didn't score much except zippers for a quarter each.

My second really great thing of the week involved my zipper foot. I have been missing a zipper foot for at least 6 months. This foot goes to my Viking 105. My first Viking. I would use that zipper foot on my new machine because that foot can get into tighter spots. I racked my brain out. I looked under every piece of furniture. I tore the laundry room apart, the new sewing room apart, every bag that I ever took to retreat or class. My beloved zipper foot was never found. I slowly had to resolve myself into understanding that I would need to fall in love with my new zipper foot. Forget that presser feet are a pricey deal. My guess is that the little foot would cost at least $20.00. The real trauma is that Viking does not make that zipper foot anymore. I've gone onto Ebay a few times with the hope of buying an older Viking foot. I had determined that I must have lost the foot either at retreat or class. My machines have been in so many places this past year. Well, on Monday, I thought I would see if my walking foot would fit Taylor's machine. For those of you who don't quilt, a walking foot is really expensive. I think I paid about $85.00 for mine. It doesn't fit my new machine so I was hoping I could use it on Taylor's. I pulled the box out and was stunned to see my zipper foot. WTH is it doing in there??? I also found the little magnetic guide that I sometimes use. That little zipper foot really made my day. From the picture, you can clearly see the difference between my old narrow foot and the new zipper foot. I can't wait to see what the rest of my week is like!

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