Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Year of the UFO

I decided that I needed to have a New Year's sewing resolution. I cemented my thought process by telling my husband (possible mistake). I told him that I really needed to start using my fabric. I'm sure most of you are confused. Why wouldn't I be using my fabric? Well, it's like giving away a family pet or something. My fabric has been with me a long time. There are some cotton prints that I just haven't had the perfect project to use on them. But, the realization is that I need to make headway in my sewing room. There (hopefully) will always be more wonderful fabrics at the fabric stores. I need to pry the fabric from my hands and use it for craft projects and garments. A couple of years ago I put myself on a 6 month no-buy. This isn't necessarily a no-buy year, just a year to try to work with what I have.

Well, I let Jeff know of my resolution on January 1st. On January 2nd, I found myself at the fabric stores. Let's see, I went to Hobby Lobby, Joann's, Hancock Fabrics, Wal-Mart and Home Depot. Yes the Home Depot was for supplies for a sewing project. Fabric and notions at every stop. I purchased some Alencon lace at Joann's. It was in their red tag section for 50% off. Now mind you, it's not great quality like true french Alencon, but hey, for $3.00 it was a steal. I was standing at the cutting table waiting for it to be measured when a lady came up to me and asked what I was going to do with the lace. I told her I didn't know. I had a daughter getting married and maybe I could use it for something. She said she picked it up and put it back since she didn't have a plan for it. Well, that just increased my score knowing someone else wanted it.

At Hobby Lobby, I wanted to see if they had any fabric that would work with a sock monkey design. Yes, I have sock monkey fabric but I'm getting hives just thinking about cutting it. I left there with the dotted fabric. Oh and a box of Milk Duds.

I then went to Hancock's. Lauren and I had seen this wonderful vintage sewing fabric. It has old McCall's children's patterns on it. She asked if I could make her a quilt out of it. Well, I still have her queen size quilt (labeled UFO) waiting to be finished. This fabric is forbidden fabric. It's forbidden because it is not on clearance and it's not on sale. I ended up buying 3 yards of one print of the forbidden fabric. On January 3, I went back to Hancock's and purchased 4 companion fabrics to the forbidden fabric. These are also forbidden fabric, not on clearance, not on sale. I only bought a 1/2 yard of each so I'll need to go back. I guess my 2010 resolutions are going so well. Busted with 24 hours.

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