Sunday, August 19, 2012

My Garment Stand

I don't believe that I've posted this before. My husband had a friend make this garment stand for me. We've known Paul for years and years. His hobby is woodworking. He turned it into a business adventure when he retired from farming. He makes wooden lamps. So Jeff asked Paul if he would make this for me as my Christmas gift. Eventually, I'd like to get a couple of child mannequins. Jeff will be thrilled with that. I already have one adult and I have a child's size two lower torso that was used for pants fitting. If you're wondering why there are two hangers on my stand, one is scaled to an adult hanger, the lower one, Paul used a child's hanger to create his template. You can see the holes on the stand. I can move my hangers up and down depending on the size of the garment.


  1. Hello! I came over from Applique Forum. What a informative blog. So much information that you are sharing and it's like you are talking to the reader. I was reading about your garment stand your friend made. Does he sell them or is this a special order? If they are for sale, can you post a web site we can go to check prices? Thank you. Janice

  2. Janice, thank you for your kind words!I will contact our friend and see if he is willing to make another one. This was his one and only! I should probably update my blog. I have plenty of things to post just never enough time!

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