Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Hemingway Room

One of our goals last month while in North Carolina was to find some furniture to fit into a weird space in our house. There is a large space between our kitchen and the sunroom. When we moved into the house, I decided to turn the sunroom into our dining room. The previous owner used the space between rooms for their dining space.

Jeff had been talking for a couple of months about turning the room back into a sunroom and buy furniture to fit it. We had some somewhat heated debates about this room and what type of furniture. I felt that we already had a house of furniture and it didn't make sense to buy more in this stage in our life. He finally relented and told me I was right. The furniture that was in the sunroom was purchased for that room. So with that problem solved, I told him that we needed to look for maybe two unusual chairs or a game table for our odd space.

We arrived at the Hickory Furniture mall and walked into our first store. There sat this table to the left as we walked into the store. Jeff immediately fell in love with this. We took three days and shopped and drove to many furniture outlets and stores. On the last day, we came back to purchase this table and chairs. The table has inlaid marble in it. We felt that the banana leaves added to the look of the room. So even though I won the initial argument, my husband won the battle. Drats! I hate when that happens. I will say that the table and leather chairs give the house a masculine feel to it. It helps to ground the room.

My Amish table that was in the dining room got moved to the odd space. I think it's a little weird to have two tables so close to each other. Oh well. You may be asking why this room is called the Hemingway room. I felt that it is somewhat eclectic in that there are items/themes from different parts of the world. We have a print with the King of Prussia in it, I have a wood plague that we bought in Germany. I have a French clock. You get the picture. Things from around the world just like Hemingway's home, from safari to Havana chic. My belongings aren't as exotic as Ernest Hemingway, but varied non-the-less.


  1. I can't wait to see how you've changed the house around

  2. We haven't changed things up too much. Well, except for turning your bedroom into the new sewing studio. HaHa! Don't worry, there is plenty of space under the sewing table to put a blanket and pillow.