Friday, December 25, 2009

The Polenske Family Tree

Jeff and I have had 31 Christmases together as a married couple and not one of them has involved an artificial tree. In fact, there have only been maybe three years that we bought our tree from a tree lot. Our tradition has been to get everyone dressed warm and put on the Santa hats then drive out to a tree farm. This year, we drove up to Sobieski, Wisconsin. This tree farm was just an beautiful, idyllic place. I felt somehow back in time when Christmases were simpler. This was just a tree farm but I just kept thinking about some of the wonderful old black and white Christmas movies while I was walking through the property. I think we'll hit this farm again next year. The trees were well taken care of. We spotted a tree about 30 seconds into the drive on the property. Taylor refused to let us stop the truck and look at it. She said that this was too easy and we had to spend more time looking for a tree. There have been a few times when we have been out at a farm for 2 hours trying to find the perfect tree. I had found several that fit our criteria. I look for a grinch type of tree, very tall and narrow. This year's adventure took less than one hour.

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