Tuesday, December 15, 2009

St. Nick Finally Arrives

St. Nick finally made his way over to the east coast. You would think that he would get to the eastern coast of the United States first since he's coming over from the Netherlands. The children in the Fox Cities area leave out their shoes the night before St. Nick arrives. In New York, St. Nick doesn't fill shoes with goodies (no, not even Manolo Blahnik's). He fills casserole carriers with candy. You can't run to catch a cab in NYC if you have goo from Peppermint Patties stuck to the inside of your stiletto's.

The casserole carrier is fairly simple to make. You start with the embroidery design on one placemat. You add the handles to the other placemat. Stitch out a buttonhole then stitch the two together. The really cool thing about this project is that it is made with a button that I bought at the Antique Mall. I was somewhat hesitant to use such a neat button but I thought it looked nice on the casserole carrier.

Now, all this talk about St. Nick reminds me of a young Natalie Wood and Edmund Gwenn in the original Miracle on 34th Street movie. Susan (Natalie Wood) is watching Santa Claus (Edmund Gween) with a little girl who just came from a war orphanage in Holland. Santa Claus is able to speak with the little girl in Dutch and the two of them sing a song about Sinterklaas. This is the beginning of Susan starting to believe that Kris is real. This scene warms my heart every time I see it.

Sinterklaas, kapoentje
Gooi wat in mijn schoentje
Gooi wat in mijn laarsje
Dank je Sinterklaasje

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