Saturday, March 13, 2010

Adjusting a Dress Form

I spent considerable time researching and deciding what would be the best option for a dress form for the bridal gown. I so, so wanted a professional dress form but realistically, the cost was too high. The professional models will start around $450.00. One of the big benefits would be that draping and pinning would be easier. The model would be heavier and sturdier. The downside is that it's a one size only so with all three girls being different sizes and heights, I wouldn't be able to use a pro model for the other two girls. So after much debating, I decided to go with My Double Deluxe by Dritz in a small size.

What I decided to do it to adjust the dress form to be a couple of inches smaller in size than Whitney. I then took quilt batting to increase the size to her measurements. The human body is not hard like the hard plastic shell of the dress form. So I wanted the form to be a little soft to mimic the body. I also needed to be able to pin on the form. I'm hoping that this helps.

My friend Donna suggested that I use blue painters tape to close up the gap in the dress form. The only thing that isn't quite right is the shoulder to waist measurement. The dress form separates at the waist but I don't think that I can increase this, at least I haven't figured that out. Luckily, we are not too far off. Whitney said it creeps her out to see the form wearing her bra!

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