Sunday, March 7, 2010

Playing with Fabric

A couple of weeks ago, I was playing around with some silks and lace. I really don't have time to be playing but I wanted to start the visualization process on Whitney's bridal gown. The fabrics that are shown are not the fabrics in her gown.

We are still tweaking the design somewhat. But I wanted to see how the look changed when I moved the lace around.

Ok, enough playing. Back to work.


  1. I am eager to see your progress, especially as I'm on the same journey right now. Thank you for the great idea on the dress form - I think I'll do the same thing.

  2. Holy cow! I've stopped by your blog a couple of times a few weeks ago. You are further along in the process than I am. I'm moving slow because of nerves. I'm doing my research. Once I get the bodice fitted correctly, I'll be able to breath. I loved the tribute to your mother-in-law.