Monday, March 15, 2010

A Superb Mail Day

I've been putting off ordering an Ottobre magazine for over a year now. The price was kind of a turnoff. A whopping $18.00. I finally bit the bullet and so excited to have this little treasure under my roof. Ottobre is a pattern company out of Finland. The children's issue is published four times a year and the adult issue is published two times a year. Ottobre is similar to other European patterns. You will need to trace the size that you want onto Swedish Tracing paper or paper of your choice. Also, the seam allowances aren't included.

I had seen some kids clothes on the internet that were from the Summer 2006 issue. I decided to start with a back issue because I really liked the patterns and didn't want to loose out with this being a back issue. I love the designs in this magazine even though I ordered one that was four years old. I guess that gives you a clue on the trendiness of the European designers. They are setting the bar for the rest of us.

I would say that the magazine has more patterns for girls than for boys. This issue didn't really trip my trigger so much for boys but I've been impressed with other issues so I feel confident enough to recommend the magazine to other people who sew for boys.

Don't you agree that these designs are just too Euro-Cute! I don't think that I'll be making anything anytime soon. My cutting table is full and begging me to get into production mode so it can be cleaned off. Hopefully soon, I get to experience the true delight of stitching up one of these designs. Oh, and by the way, even though the price of the magazine seems a little stiff, there are 40 patterns included in this magazine.

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