Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Dessert Smackdown

A couple of weeks ago at work, I had a couple of the maintenance fellows trying to figure why it was so cold at my desk. I also had IT at my desk helping with a phone issue. I can't remember the progression of the conversation but we were talking about baking. One of the guys made a comment on how wonderful a baker my friend Donna was. I then challenged Donna to a baking contest. We got together over break and decided when we were going to bring our treats in.

After talking with Donna, I knew I had to change my strategy. I was going to bring in cinnamon rolls and a cake. After mulling over things, I decided to make a chocolate espresso yule log and a white chocolate macadamia nut pie. Now mind you, this was a friendly smackdown. We decided no judging. We would just let our co-workers in IT and Maintenance eat the goods.

Here is my yule log. I think I should have left off the powdered sugar. I went to the florist and purchased lemon leaves and painted the underside of the leaves with the chocolate. The yellow cyathia's are made of marzipan.

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