Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sewing for the Nieces

Well, Santa's sweatshop, I mean workshop is winding down. I've been busy sewing and embroidering. I just don't have a lot to post right now.

You might remember the little Barbie skirt and tops that I made for Kayla. Well this new top has a similar design. The other Barbie was the same design except done in a silhouette form. The designs came from the Paris Pretties group from Planet Applique.

I have loved this little Grinch-like design for a while. I finally purchased it a couple of months ago and stitched it out. It's a good thing that this top is going to be large for Kayla because she won't be getting it before Christmas. The design is from Digistitches. The "K" is a font called "Grinched" from 8 Claws and a Paw. I don't know if the blue fabric was the best choice for the ornament. But I wanted it to sparkle. Of course, after I stitched this out, I remembered that I had pink sparkly fabric in my stash. Way to go Ellen. Pink would have been a better choice.

Finally, something for my niece Ashton. She's a freshman at Kansas University, home of the Jayhawks. I don't think I have the right shades of blue and red. I kept looking at KU apparel to get the colors right. Now that it stitched out, I think it's too dark of a blue. Hopefully not to many people will be seeing this while she's showering. I purchased a few fonts this past week from Jolson's. I have been wanting "Santa's Sleigh" for some time now. Ashton's project gave me the excuse to buy some things I've been wanting. The large font is called Garton, also from Jolson's.

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