Sunday, September 18, 2011

Using Vinyl in Machine Applique

The last few weeks I've been reading about people using "sports" vinyl for some of their embroidery designs. I decided that I really wanted to try this. As most people know, I do a lot of girl "things". I have a lot of nephews but I really don't make anything for them. With girls, the items I make can be girly. Girly is still good as you get older. With boys, I feel that pretty much after age 3, they wouldn't be caught dead with something their aunt made them. So I needed to find a design and materials to give some tshirts a little punch.

First up, was to go out and find myself some vinyl. I found two pieces at Hancock Fabrics on the back tables. One I bought for football appliques and the other looks like basketball material. That one is actually tablecloth vinyl. I really like the dimensional look that the vinyl gave these designs. There was no problem at all with my machine going thru the vinyl.

As far as the designs go, it took a bit of searching to find just the right ones. Once again, I didn't want anything babyish. I wanted the designs to show some action. I think I found the right ones.
 I found this design at Stitch on Time. I think they are based out of England. I think that the net with the ball is such a cool look. It looks better in person. The little fuzzies at the bottom are from the back of the vinyl. Remember that it's for a table so it's backed with flannel. Too bad I stitched this out late at night. I don't like the yellow. I guess it looked good at midnight!

This is the look that I really wanted but was not able to find it. It finally dawned on me to check a site that I knew had lots of designs but I had never ordered from. The basketball applique is from Planet Applique. This design on it's own would have never worked with a plain cotton but with the vinyl, it really would be ok for just the basketball alone. The basketball player silhouette is from Stitch on Time. That really pulled the whole look together. I just stacked one design on top of another and away I went.

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