Tuesday, May 15, 2012

April Design Challenge

We started a new challenge over at Applique Forum. Every month, it's a different challenge. March was the first challenge. We all received the same design. There were three groups. Hobbyist, Mentors and Professionals. I'm a mentor/moderator so that's where I was placed. The moderators had an additional task of adding dimension to the design. Here is the original design from Hand to Dry Applique.
The bunny design is actually like a crazy quilt. It is made up of maybe seven or eight pieces. Crissie from Hang to Dry used vintage pillowcases, towels, etc to do up her design. 

I took a drive to Joann Fabrics to see what types of trim and fabrics I could find. I spent about an hour in the trim isle. I bought tulle. I bought sparkly fabric. I bought sparkly trims. I decided I was going to go Prom Barbie on this little bunny design. However, once I got home and started pulling out all my purchases nothing jumped out at me anymore. I ended up omitting the scalloped background. I did one whole piece of fabric instead of the crazy quilt design. Then my dimensional aspect was the marabou and the rhinestone bunny eye.