Friday, May 4, 2012

My First Try at Ruffled Bloomers

Here is my first try at embroidery on baby bloomers or diaper covers. It is a tad difficult to get these little things embroidered. You are working on a small area and the bloomers have two layers to them so that can also be tricky. Lauren and I thought we would see how these looked underneath her tutus. I still need to tweak the 4th of July design. I'm not quite happy with it. For one, there are more stitches than I'd like. The more stitches, the longer you're sitting at the machine. You can see it's a little bit wrinkled. I even used starch before I started the stitch out. The little Miss Independent design came from Stitch on Time.
This design is from Just Peachy Designs. The cupcake looks a little bit wonky right now but it's not finished. I shipped it off to Lauren to add a korker bow to it. Do you see the half circle at the top of the design, that's where the korker will be placed.
The font is from MCA Applique.

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