Friday, July 22, 2011

Finally, a Finished Quilt

It's been a while since I've finished a quilt. I haven't been quilting as much lately for a number of reasons. 1) it's not a project that I can finish in a day. 2) how many quilts do I need? 3) takes a little bit of muscle power to machine quilt. 4) loving the garment construction right now. 5) something funky is going on with my machine. I think the thread is hooking onto my feed dogs and breaking. So it needs to be adjusted. 6) not a cheap hobby. I guess that's enough reasons for now.

I started this quilt almost two years ago I think. It was one of Lauren's Christmas presents. The great thing about the fabrics all came from stash with the exception of the backing. The pattern is called Star Cakes from Legacy Patterns. Easy to put together. My original plan was to free motion a bridal wreath pattern all over. This is the stencil that I have.
I chickened out though. With my machine not liking free motion right now, I wasn't up for the battle of fighting the thread breaking. So I opted to cross hatch the quilt. I've never met a cross-hatched quilt that I didn't like. Certainly, it's a familiar pattern that we've all seen on old quilts. On this type of quilt, you really can't go wrong with that pattern. My motto, done is better than not done. So I have a done quilt. Maybe not what I had originally hoped but finished non-the-less and crossed off my to-do list. Ah, that feels good.

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