Monday, July 11, 2011

Litte Miss Muffet

I have been seeing several blog posts for featuring kid's wear using patterns from Tie Dye Diva. Tie Dye Diva offers downloadable PDF patterns available at Etsy, You Can Make This and her own website. I have three patterns so far and about five more that I want to buy. This was my first try at her patterns. It's called the Miss Muffet or Twirl Skirt. The cool thing about this pattern is that it has attached bloomers. Perfect for a rambunctious little girl. And perfect for the mom who wants to have some sense of modesty for her little girl on the playground.

I've been fortunate (well at least that's my interpretation) for scoring lots of fabric sales this summer. The fabric that I used came from Hancock Fabric's and was maybe 50% off. It isn't top of the line quality as far as cotton is concerned but I don't want to put tons of money into outfits that my niece will only be wearing for a short time.

As usual, I seem to be color challenged. I try. I really do. For the t-shirt, I wanted to get away from white. So many tops that I embroider for Kayla are white. I wanted to find a light yellow top. The only one that I found was a screaming yellow. I really overpowered the fabric. So I went with a turquoise. That's not too bad. It was once again thread color. I tried several colors and decided the turquoise blue thread would work. I should have gone with the red. I tried red, I just didn't think it worked like the blue.
As with most of my projects, I used 8CAAP font called Cartoon Me. Many times, picking a font can be a challenge. I try to match a theme or feeling that I'm trying to convey, I need to find a font that would work for the age of the recipient and I need to find a font that will fit my hoops and the project.

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