Monday, July 11, 2011

Are We There Yet?

My daughter Whitney actually put the bug in my ear for this theme. This is Kayla's August pillowcase. Whitney had come across this blog article for a road trip pillowcase. I really liked the idea. I'll eventually make one of those for Kayla but I wanted to do the road trip theme for a summer pillowcase. After a little poking around on the internet, I found this fabric from Maywood Studios. This fabric was stuck in my brain which was unfortunate. I'd like to buy local but couldn't find anything that fit my theme. With shipping, I spent $25 for one pillowcase. Yikes! I'm going to try to refrain from doing that again. Lucky for me, I only have three months left on my Pillowcase of the Month Club. I have the June and October fabric. I just need the September fabric.

As with most of my sewing and embroidery projects, I spend way too much time researching. I have over 500 embroidery fonts and I tried to find a font that matched. I didn't have anything that matched so then I went searching True Type Fonts on the internet that I could pull into my software. I found one that was just about a perfect match for the script on the fabric. After putting it through my embroidery software, I wasn't happy with the quality. I don't have manual digitizing, just auto digitizing and a lot of times, that doesn't produce a great product. So I went back thru my fonts and decided to use the Cartoon Me font from 8CAAP.

 I guess my reality wasn't as great as my vision. I auditioned lots of embroidery threads and decided on the beige-y yellow color. That was a mistake. I put browns and reds up to the blue fabric and didn't like it. I put black up to the thread and didn't like it. Oh well.

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