Monday, May 10, 2010

I'm Losing Count. Muslin Bodice #2

Let's see, three sets of paper patterns (two that were sewn together) and two muslin bodices. The first muslin bodice was taken apart and altered twice. With that, I decided to dismantle the muslin bodice and make all new pattern pieces with the alterations. I did not want to get confused with all the stitching lines. So officially, I have cut this bodice out five times already. I will need to cut it out at least three more times (fashion fabric, lining, interlining.)

Whitney stopped by yesterday and I needed desperately to finish bodice #2 for her to try on. We both agreed on the fit. So last night I decided where I would be placing the spiral steel boning and then measured the lengths. This morning I placed the order for 13 pieces of boning. So Whit's gown will have thirteen channels of boning in it.

I was on the fence about doing the muslin on the entire gown or just the bodice. I guess I'm leaning towards making up the entire gown. For one, I'm changing the back opening from a zipper to a lace down back. I need to make sure that there is enough support with this closure.
The second reason is to make sure that there is enough support with the boning and the waist stay to hold up the heavy skirt. The muslin can't possibly mimic the silk satin with the beaded hem lace but it's a start.

I am unsure why bodice #1 has a smoother fit than bodice #2. Shouldn't later versions look nicer? It looked fine on Whitney. I did tell her that the boning will help smooth out some of the wrinkles. It won't take care of excess fabric though. I hope I don't have to chisel it down. I'd have to reorder the boning. It's not expensive, it will just add another week to the project waiting for it to arrive.

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