Sunday, May 30, 2010

Ok, This Time It's for Real

A few posts back, I made the statement "Holy vintage Batman". I really, really mean it now. This is my most recent score off of Ebay. It was more than what I've paid for any of my other vintage patterns. I hadn't been to a fabric store in about two weeks and felt I had a little bit of cash to splurge. I pattern envelope is not in great shape. However, the pattern pieces have not been cut so that's a good thing.

This is a large size. I wish it would have been in the medium but hopefully I can scale it down. The copyright date on this is 1966. Is this not a cool pattern?

Alright, I am horribly, horribly, horribly embarrassed to show this but I'm going to do it anyway. A couple of years ago, my mom packed a bunch of things in a box for my sister to bring up to Wisconsin and give to me. As my luck would have it, my husband and daughter were the first to rummage through the box, not myself. When they came across this, they just howled with laughter and Jeff had tears in his eyes from laughing so hard. It would be like my mom to save really embarrassing things instead of all the other great artwork and writings that I did as a child. I can't remember anything about this. I don't know who would have typed this out. We didn't have a typewriter until I was in junior high. My guess is that I could have been in second grade. What do you think the nuns were thinking when they read this? A six/seven year old discussing having a boyfriend. I can't believe it myself! I don't know, even after all these years, I must be still lusting after Robin. Jeff will always be my real superhero though.


  1. I'll start worrying when I see Gigi in a Catwoman outfit. ;-) So cute! Your mom did the right thing.

  2. I think we have a tail in the basement from when Whitney tap danced to Alley Cat. I don't think she would want to wear a black leotard though. Real leather or nothing.

  3. that pattern is really cool! And mom please you need to laminate/frame your artwork :)

  4. Isn't the refrigerator and a Make Mine Milk magnet good enough?